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KEBS Internship 2024/2025 | How To Apply Now

If you are here, then you must be aware that the KEBS internship is on and available to all applicants. KEBS 2024 is one internship program graduates and undergraduates have all been looking up to in order to be beneficiaries. Well,  if that’s your dream, then you are in the right place, as I will be breaking down in detail how to get the internship, how to apply, and possible internship positions available that you can apply for.

Overview of the KEBS internship program

The Kenya Bureau of Standards is a state-run institution responsible with regulating and maintaining safety practices in produced goods, protecting Kenyan customers against inferior commodities across all industries.

KEBS is also required to provide internship opportunities for young people to improve their employability in their particular fields.

Diploma and degree graduates have the opportunity to work for a prestigious organization, laying the groundwork for a career that will help them find long-term employment.

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KEBS Internship process

The recruitment process, however, isn’t a stressful one, as the applicants are all advised to apply via the official sites, fill out and submit the needed documents and then await the result from the organization. 

Fields Invited to Apply for KEBS Internship

KEBS Internship opportunities are open for people in the following field:

  • Engineering
  • Agriculture
  • Accounting
  • Medicine 
  • Laboratory Analysts.
  • Sciences field

Eligibility Criteria for the KEBS Internship Requirement

Qualifications :

  • Unemployed: You must not be currently employed in another position.
  • Recent Graduate: You must have recently graduated from a reputable institution of tertiary education (college, university).
  • Availability: You must be available to work for the entire duration of the internship program.

Desired Qualities:

  • Computer Literacy: Having computer skills is considered an advantage, although not mandatory.
  • Teamwork: The ability to work effectively within a team environment and collaborate with others is highly valued.

How to apply for a KEBS internship

  • Applications for KEBS internships are accepted online through the internship portal:
  • Examine available positions and select the most appropriate in relation to your university course.
  • Input the essential information and attach appropriate copies (academic certificates, transcripts, updated CV, certificate of good conduct, etc.).
  • KEBS only contacts shortlisted candidates. Applicants should submit their applications before the deadline to avoid disqualification.
  • Applicants should also ignore internet advertisements that do not emanate from the official KEBS website to avoid getting duped.
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Important Information about KEBS Internship

  • KEBS persuades persons with disabilities to apply
  • Employment is not guaranteed upon internship completion
  • The internship runs for three months but is renewable for another three months based on individual performance.
  • All applications must be done on the official site 

What documents are required for an internship in Kenya?

  • An official letter of recommendation from your school or vocational school in Kenya, if applicable.
  • Send a cover letter from your school specifying the internship’s or project’s focus and length, if relevant.
  • Where relevant, a commitment letter signed by the sponsor.

What are the basic requirements for an internship?

Internship requirements vary, depending on the type of organization and industry. But all interns need a well written resume and letters of recommendations . Employers may have additional requirements, such as a specific major or writing samples.

What is the KEBS internship salary?

According to the information gathered by our team, an average intern at KEBS goes home with at least KES 860 per month and KES 5160 after a 6-month internship.

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