Check the RYSA shortlisted candidates 2024/2025

The list of shortlisted candidates for the Rural Youth Skill Acquisition (RYSA) program is finally out. To check the shortlisted candidates for the Rural Youth Skill Acquisition (RYSA) program, you will have to read further, as we will guide you on the right way to do that, and some other information you will need to take note of.

Overview of the RISA-shortlisted candidates 

For explanation purposes  RYSA is aimed at providing economic and employable skills for young citizens in rural areas and preventing rural-urban movement. This will be accompanied by a monthly salary of N50,000 for 6 months.

The skill test was used to carefully elect and shortlist qualified candidates for the 6-month initiative. 

How to check the list for the RYSA shortlist 

All candidates are usually invited through the organization’s mail. 

You can only know if you were shortlisted if you received an email from this address:

Available trainings for RYSA candidates

If you are shortlisted, you will be required to participate in training in any of the following areas:

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Electrical, Electronics, and Repairs, Makeup, Tiling, Auto Mechanic, Welding and Fabrication, Fashion Designs, Catering, Hair making, Plumbing fittings, Aluminum roofing, Woodwork and furniture, Solar installation, POP, Screed Creation, and Painting

 Important notices about RYSA candidates

  • Attendance for the trainings are compulsory
  • Bribery is a crime, so avoid bribe at any stage in the recruitment process
  • Absence for training would mean that you rejected the offer
  • The FG Rural Youth Skill Acquisition Program RYSA 2024 is notifying all applicants who applied for the on-going skills acquisition program to view their emails for further information on how to proceed to the next stage of the recruitment.
  • If you applied for the FG RYSA program, please check your email as the invite has currently been sent for the next round of the recruitment stage. 

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