Zambia Army Recruitment 2023/2024 | Application Form Portal

Zambia Army has started recruitment for 2023/2024 intake, applicant wishing to pursue their career working as a Zambia Army should  fill the application form to get shortlisted.

Kindly read through all the recruitment process to get your application submitted rightly, this page will give you all you need to know about Zambia Army Recruitment process, the requirements, how to apply and also how to write the Zambia Army application letter, never skip a piece of this content  to get things done for yourself.

Is Zambia Army Recruitment Form Out?

Yes, Zambia Army has open portal for interested citizens willing to work as Military in Zambia, to please rush up to fill the application form.

According to Zambia Army, the recruitment form is completely free, applicant are never ask to pay any money to get the recruitment form, beware of scammers.

Eligible Province   

Below are list of eligible provinces qualified to apply for the Zambia Army Recruitment, if your province is not listed here means, you may likely not see it at the application form portal.

  • Central Province
  • Western Province
  • Muchinga Province
  • Southern Province
  • North Western Province
  • Northern Province
  • Lusaka Province
  • Luapula Province
  • Eastern Province
  • Copperbelt Province

 Requirements for Zambia Army Recruitment 

These are the basic requirement to qualify for the Zambia Army Recruitment 2023/2024.

  • Applicant must be a citizen Zambia
  • Applicant must not be below 18 years and above 35 years of age
  • Applicant must not be an ex-convict
  • Applicant must not be disable
  • Applicant must have a means of identification – National IDs
  • Applicant must be physically fit
  • Applicant must have at least holds/pass the Examinations Council of Zambia (ECZ)
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How to Apply For Zambia Army Recruitment 

How to apply for the Zambia Army Recruitment may still be the same way as the previous recruitment process, but with side difference. As our usual steps to follow, to apply for the Zambia Army recruitment, visit the army subhead of your province and submit your application letter.

Zambia Army Recruitment Closing Date

Zambia Army is still accepting and attending to applicant willing to work in the army. please rush and fill up the application from and note, the application deadline has not yet be announced.

Zambia Army Recruitment Update 

There are so many reasons why Zambia opened portal for recruitment, firstly to help secure the entire land of Zambia.

According to the Zambia Government, securities are lacking in some interior part in some province.

Reports, comment and suggestions are given to help improve and secure the land of Zambia through opening portal for recruitment, both in the Army, Police and  other security job agencies in the country. According to the government, this will also help as a means of reducing the rate of unemployed youth in the country.

Benefit of Joining Zambia Army

Joining the military of a nation is a good and decisive thought that can be actualized by a citizen of a country. It also comes with other benefits as well as one’s earnings.

The army is one of the forces that makes up the military and as such the land extension.

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The Zambian army is currently employing, and that gives citizens of her country the opportunity to apply and also help in guarding and maintaining peace and orderliness in the country. The many reasons why to join the army cannot be over emphasized but for the purpose of this article, we Recruitment-Record are just going to talk about few.

First we are going to talk about the respect joining the military carries. Joining the Zambian army comes with respect among citizens in the country as it will give due honor when identified as an army official.

Secondly, we talk about one’s earning. What is the use of a work if you aren’t earning from it? Now working in the Zambian Army, you are legible to earn as a worker, and as such you get paid as a military personnel and legible to other stipends that comes as well.

Though we cannot talk much on the benefit of joining the Zambian army, I believe the little I have shared above is enough reason why you should think of being recruited in the army.

When is the Next Recruitment for Zambia Army?

According to Zambia Defense force, the next recruitment exercise will take place immediately the current candidates are been posted to their Primary place of assignment PPA, and retirement ceremony. kingly visit to stay connected and notified when the next recruitment is starting.

Zambia Army Recruitment Latest News?

Did you apply for the Army recruitment exercise that just finished, or you want to know if the recruitment form is out? the answers to the questions is here, visit recruitmentrecord to get latest news about Zambia Army

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Why am not Shortlisted in the Zambia Recruitment?

Many are still asking to know reasons why they are not shortlisted, or cannot see their names in the portal anymore. This is a similar question almost all the applicant not shortlisted keep on asking.

  • So may applicants, make series of mistakes while filling the application form, some due to typical error, it’s necessary to always proof read your details before finally clicking submit button.
  • Always fill follow to fill your form base on you qualification, this may likely be one of the major cause why candidate are not shortlisted
  • Unarranged Army Application letter

N/B: Please never be in a hurry to submit your application.

Zambia Army Recruitment Latest News

According to the head of Zambian army, we are undergoing some strain at the moment, for we are working hard towards preparing a nice training camp, workshop for our new intake.

All interested applicant who applied for Zambia army should stay on standby, put an eye on any Zambia army related news to stay updated.

Recruitmentrecord is always ready to update you on the latest Zambia Army recruitment,  kindly click on the notification button to be the first to get informed on  Zambia Army news.

Information is power….

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