Exxonmobil internship Process 2024/2025 | Internship Program

This is a notice to the public that the Exxonmobil internship programs are set and are running for qualified candidates. Have you been looking out for an opportunity like this? Then this opportunity is a perfect match for you. To find out more information on how to apply and where to apply, I will encourage you to read on. 

Overview of the Exxonmobi Internship 

ExxonMobil aims to be a great leader in energy breakthroughs that promote contemporary life and a future without greenhouse gas emissions. Being one of the biggest publicly known energy and chemical businesses in the world, they are driven by a distinctive and varied workforce that takes pride in their work and values.

Exxon Mobil Internship process 

After the submission of the applications, all applications will be reviewed by the company board or the internship board. After proper vetting and checking who is more qualified, the qualified candidates are invited for exams in the internship program, and those who pass the exams are offered a place in the program. 

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Skills and qualifications for Exxon Mobil Internship

Applicants must be currently pursuing a bachelor’s or higher degree in engineering. Actively engaged in obtaining a bachelor’s degree or higher in an engineering discipline from a reputable institution of higher education, demonstrating a commitment to academic advancement.

Self-motivated with demonstrated leadership and communication skills:

Applicants must possess intrinsic drive and initiative to excel, as evidenced by instances of taking charge in group settings or projects. Exhibits strong communication skills, both verbal and written, enabling effective interaction with team members and stakeholders.

Strong technical attributes: applicants must display proficiency in technical aspects related to engineering, exemplified by meticulous attention to detail in tasks and projects. And lastly, applicants must demonstrate the ability to grasp complex concepts and apply them effectively in practical situations.

Summary of What You Will Do at ExxonMobil:

As an intern at ExxonMobil, these are the essential things you would do.

You will engage in continuous learning and development through on-the-job training, as well as receive guidance and support from experienced trainers and supervisors through mentoring and coaching. This internship opportunity offers firsthand insight into the operations of the world’s leading petroleum and petrochemical company.

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The Right Way to Apply for the Exxonmobil Internship: 

Important information to note about the Exxonmobil internship

  • All applications start in June 2024. 
  • The internship extends to late December 2024. 
  • Accommodation will not be covered. 
  • All pending applications will not be attended to. 
  • Must undergo a minimum of 20 hours of work per week. 
  • Candidates will be trained both in the sales and marketing departments. 

Tips to Excel in an Exxon Mobil Internship 

  • Be professional both in your dressing and your composure.
  • Answer questions fast and accurately during the interview.
  • Be polite when dealing with members of Exxon mobil 


What is the difference between the graduate tanning and the internship training?

The graduate training is for candidates who have graduated, while the internship training is for undergraduates. 

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What is Exxonmobil internship salary in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, the usual starting salary for an intern at ExxonMobil is NGN 480K per year and around NGN 40k every month. 

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