How To Write An Application Letter For A Job As A General Worker In Zambia

Application Letter: Do you have difficulties in writing an application letter for Zambia Job, or your application letter has never been honored before? is yes, look no further for we are here to help you out.

On this page, we will guide you through how to write an acceptable application letter for jobs in Zambia. This have been a one of the major problem applicants seeking for job are currently having.

If your question among the list above, then you are at the right path. Due to the search queries from applicants who is to apply for a job via application.

Today Recruitment-Record has bring to you a qualified copy of an application letter to edit from.

Note: All application letter carries one format, but different technique. Applicant must tag the position he or she is applying for,  your qualifications, your age, how you can help the company /ministry grow, years of experiences if any, anzd so on.

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kindly follow the application process to write an acceptable application letter.


I hereby write to apply for the position of an administrative officer in your company, present in the above jurisdiction. I hope to convey to you with the help of this letter, why I think I am worthy of consideration for the said job; as well as bring to light my qualifications and expertise in this field.

I would like to begin with my qualifications. I am a graduate of one of the top tertiary institutions in the country; and while I had my share of disappointments and let-downs, I always doubled down on my performance and tripled my results. with this feat achieved, I graduated with top honours which came second to none.

I have previously worked  in several companies, infant industries, as well as served in a private administration. My degree of expertise has always been what kept me soaring, and I became more renowned and experienced with each achievement. I have won several internally-organized administrative competitions together with an intern team, something professionally trained and experienced experts in the field still struggle to do.  And as I have left each corporation to focus on the next, I have left with baffling accomplishments.

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I therefore, without doubt, think that I am definitely worthy for the job set before me, and if I am perhaps, given the opportunity to prove it yet again, I would definitely bring something special, never before seen, and convey the unfailing message of having what it takes to tackle this job, to the whole administrative team.

I hope that I do get this chance Sir, and look forward to hearing from you soon, for a reply.


Yours Faithfully,



Following this letter structure, we wish you a successful submission of your job application letter.

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