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Recruitment Record is back with another list of top latest driving jobs you can find in Zambia, the list comprises different driving jobs from a list of different companies operating in Zambia.

Note: The list is made of both international and local companies.

So before we scroll down, you have to know that out of these different jobs, you are advised to choose the ones that you know are a great fit for you, or rather, the jobs that you know you could easily meet their eligibility criteria for.

Below are the latest driving jobs in Zambia.

  1. Heavy duty truck driver

These jobs are for fitted men who have the stomach to onload or offload the transport goods on the heavy duty truck because it might not be every time they receive assistance from heavy duty workers who are either hired or who just decide to help.

Heavy-duty truck drivers transport goods, not just any type of goods. Heavy goods are like machines, and that’s why heavy-duty trucks have a carrying capacity of up to 60 tons.

If you are fit and you want to go for this driving job, here is a job vacancy for you to look out for

Vacancy for Heavy Duty Driver: Alistair Group (Truck Transportation)

Eligibility criteria
  1. Have experience in driving heavy duty truck atleast 2 years
  2. Be an high school graduate
  3. Have a commercial driver’s license
Other requirement
  1. Effective communication skill
  2. Be ready to work in Kapiri, Zambia

To apply visit their website www.

Vacancy for Public Service Vehicle Truck Driver: Time Trucking Limited

TIME TRUCKING LIMITED/TIME PETROLEUM LIMITED, the top transportation companies in Zambia, are seeking to engage skilled and experienced heavy duty Public Service Vehicle (PSV) truck drivers for the transportation of dry goods and fuel for both local and cross border operations.

Eligibility criteria:

Experience: To qualify for this PSV job, you need a minimum of thirty-five (35) years of age with at least seven (7) years of experience operating Volvo/Shacman trucks (both manual and automatic transmission). And references from credible firms are requested.

Licenses: Must hold a valid PSV Class D driving license and a valid passport.

Nationality: Must be Zambian with a green National Registration Card.

Clearance: A valid police clearance and fingerprints certificate not older than 12 months.

Other requirements

Cross-Border expertise: Knowledge and expertise of cross-border operating processes are necessary.

Mechanical expertise: Mechanical expertise will be an added advantage.

Other details for for the PSV Truck driver job at Time Trucking Limited

Generous Compensation: A driver would have a good pay and benefits, with the opportunity to earn about K18,000/- per month on achieving target.

End-of-Contract Bonus: Upon successful completion of the work contract period, the truck driver will get a considerable reward package of K100,000/- on his/her final month, subject to terms and condition of the company.

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Job Security: Time Trucking Limited work contracts are given for a period 20-30 months and may be extended depending, thereby giving you peace of mind.

Professional Growth: You will have a chance to improve your skills and extend your driving career with a recognized and established organisation.

Safety First: Time Trucking Limited emphasize safety, delivering a secure working environment for you and others on the road.

Interview Details: Candidates who match the following criteria on job requirements must attend in person with their C.V. and all supporting papers for an interview on 7th and 8th November, 4th and 5th December, 2023.

PSV Truck driving job

  1. Bus driver:

Bus driving jobs are the most common, not only in Zambia but all over the world. For instance, in the US, 48.9% of all bus drivers are women, while 51.1% of American men are bus drivers. White make up 67.1%, while 15.3% of Hispanic or Latino men are bus drivers, and 9.1% of black or African American men are bus drivers. So yeah, it’s the commonest form of driving jobs.

Yes, women too can go for these driving jobs. If you are a woman who just happened to stumble upon the article, and you are looking for a job. You can go for this job.

No hassle, no stress. If you are used to driving, this job should be easy for you.

You just need to transport people all over Zambia, that’s all. Just make sure you know how to drive safely and efficiently without drinking. So for the eligibility criteria for this job, you just need a bus driver’s license and know how to drive buses well.

Vacancy Bus Driver: NFC Africa Mining PLC Chambishi, Zambia

Eligibility criteria
  1. Grade 12 Certificate
  2. An official driver’s license is required. 
  3. Must be healthy in body and mind.
  4. A minimum of 3 years’ experience
  5. Good communication skills
Application Procedure

Applications must be sent by September 2022 in hard copy or electronically with contact phone numbers.

By sending a cover letter, resume, and copies of relevant academic and professional credentials to the Postal Address below:

Human Resources Manager

NFC Africa Mining Plc

P.O. Box 22592,

Enos Chomba Road, Kitwe.

Email Address:

Only those who have been shortlisted will be contacted.

  1. Taxi driver:

Taxi drivering jobs are one of the most common in developed countries like the USA, Canada, and the rest, and as for countries in Africa, taxi driving jobs are not popular but a little rare. People prefer to use buses instead of taxis in Africa, so taxis are rarely seen due to the high demand for buses.

So because Zambia is in Africa, we won’t advise you to go for this job. Why? Don’t get me wrong, there are taxis and taxi drivers, but there’s no demand for them compared to the high demand for buses.

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But if you still want to try it out, let’s look at the eligibility criteria. To be a taxi driver, you need to have a taxi driver’s license and know how to drive cars really well and stop speeding up.

Vacancy for taxi driver: Future Leaders 


No Education Requirement:

No Experience Requirements

Note that Working Hours is 8 hours

Job description of Future Leaders 
  1. Transports clients in taxis, limousines, company automobiles, or personal vehicles.
  2. Picks up riders from designated pick-up spots, taxi stands, or busy intersections.
  3. Helps people get into and out of cars, and offers assistance with bags.
  4. Complies with all applicable safety standards and state laws pertaining to vehicle operation, and makes sure passengers do the same.
  5. Taking passenger service requests by any of the recommended communication mediums.
  6. Maintains and checks the vehicle’s brakes, lights, wipers, etc., for good operation.
  7. Report problem facing vehicle to corporate mechanics.
  8. Performs general upkeep on automobiles, such as filling the gas tank, changing the oil, and inspecting the tires, and making sure that more extensive repairs are handled when needed.
  9. Does additional work-related tasks when needed.
  10. Candidates must have a KITWE address exclusively.
Application procedure 

Send an email with your resume attached to to apply for this position.

  1. Delivery driver:

Being a delivery driver is a good job that pays well, but it’s also a job for which you have to be available at any moment when needed. All you have to do is

transport ordered goods to customers and businesses, and when they get their goods at the right time and in good condition, You would get a raise if they complimented your work on your boss, or you would get a tip.

Both women and men are suitable for this job. All you have to do is follow the eligibility criteria, and you will be given the job. To be a delivery driver, you need to have a valid driver’s license, and you need to know how to drive vans well and properly (at good speed to avoid ruining the goods when transporting).

Vacancy for delivery driver: Venus Security Solutions Zambia

  1. A class B license is required.
  2. The ability to drive both manual and automated vehicles is required.
  3. Must be able to communicate well.
  4. At least five years of experience is required.

To apply, please submit your CV and a copy of your license to

  1. Personal driver:

Hearing the name “Personal” has already given you a hint about this job. Yes, you’ll be a driver for an individual, or rather, a family. You must be available every time, because any sign of lateness or mistake can make you lose your job. You’ll drive either your boss and/or his family to and from their appointments and errands. Or they could send you on an errand to go pick up a friend.

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If you know you’re up for this job, you have to meet these eligibility criteria. To be a personal driver, you would need a valid driver’s license, and you should know how to drive cars, whether at high speed, slow speed, or normal speed. It’s all about your customer’s car speed preference.

Vacancy: Breath of Heaven Children’s Ministries needs a personal driver.

Job description 

In order to promote the reputation and the safety of the children in Breath of Heaven care, potential drivers must observe the following duties:

  1. Create a daily inspection checklist and stick to it religiously.
  2. Report problems with Breath of Heaven vehicles.
  3. Must be prepared to always follow safety, health, and traffic laws.
  4. Must be able to diagnose and fix simple problems with the car.
  5. Defensive driving abilities and an understanding of auto mechanics and electricity is an added advantages for the potential driver.
  1. Possess a valid PSV driver’s license
  2. Possess a green National Registration Card
  3. Grade 9 or 12 or equivalent certificate and a solid grasp of the English language.
  4. A familiarity with auto mechanics and electricity basics is required.
  5. Possessing the ability to drive defensively is a plus. The age range for applicants is 35 to 45.
  6. Must have atleast three years of relevant work experience and the willingness to put in extra hours as necessary

Send an email to with your resume attached to apply for this job. 

Tips for success in driving jobs

So now the above jobs are the latest driving jobs in Zambia. Now let’s look at a few tips on how to be successful in these driving jobs if you get employed.

To be successful in these driving jobs,

  1. You should be reliable, punctual, and safety-conscious.
  2. You should also be customer-service-oriented and willing to learn and grow.
  3. You should be familiar with the roads and traffic laws in Zambia.
  4. You should always keep your vehicle clean and well-maintained.
  5. You should be professional and courteous to your passengers and customers.
  6. You should be aware of your surroundings and be prepared to react to unexpected situations.
  7. You should take breaks when needed to avoid fatigue.

We hope this article was of great help to you. If you need further information on these driving jobs, then you can do research on them yourself so you’ll be well informed about the jobs before you apply.

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