Zambia Police Recruitment Letter

How to write an Application Letter for Zambia Police Recruitment, this has always been the problem/challenges of applicant who wants to apply for the Zambia Police Recruitment.

We Recruitment-Record have come to make it clear to applicants, what it means and how to write an acceptable Zambia police recruitment letter.

The Zambia Police recruitment letter structure is not difficult per say, most applicant keep asking:

  • How to write an application letter for ZP recruitment? 
  • How to write an application letter for ZA recruitment? 

Above are the major question Applicants willing to join the Zambia force are looking for. With a little patience, kindly read to understand the application steps, if you want to apply for both ARMY, AIRFORCE, IMMIGRATION and other kind of Zambia force recruitment.

The Zambia police recruitment letter is not too different from other job application letter that you know, the process is the same, you just have to include some technicalities.

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Technicalities in writing Zambia Police Recruitment Letter

  • A standard police application letter just like other letter, must start with the applicant address at the top right, followed by the police headquarters address at the left below the writer’s address.
  • A good letter must start with a topic of the application which is the reason write the application

See below how to write a good police application letter. this is just a sample format of Zambia police application letter.


I hereby put this application forward to you, in hope to get recruited as a police officer in your jurisdiction. I have heard of constant fair judgement from this jurisdiction, and would want to have a role to play in the curtailing of crime as have been done for the past decades.

I strongly believe Sir, that I am qualified for the Job, and I am ready to face any challenges with boldness and courage as would be required of me. I have undergone several trainings from the lowest rank of social education as well as military education in respected schools. I have completed each training with the highest results; BSc. being one of them. My zest for the force is strong, enduring, and unyielding; and my diligence and timeliness has been built and cultivated since childhood.

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Furthermore, sir i have a great work relationship with any team I work with, and I have always been one to ensure that I do not leech off of my teammates’ achievements. Rather, I have built a strict policy to always bring more, whether in workforce or otherwise, to my team. I have garnered the needed experience from several fields of training as have been mentioned before, and I possess an unmatched virtue of following direct orders, with no unnecessary emotions attached.

However, sir it would be wrong to say that I have no flaws, but rather, one thing I can definitely attest to is that I do not allow them to get the best of me, nor do I make the same mistakes twice. I am a lightning-quick learner, and would adapt easily.

So sir, it is at this point that I appeal once more for consideration on my behalf for this recruitment, and I do hope that you find me suitable and qualified for the job. I hope to hear from you soon, as I would be awaiting a reply. Good day.

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Hope with the little content on the platform we are sure you write your well.

If you have any question regarding letter writing, drop a comment with email for immediate assistance.

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  1. I just want to say thank you very much for this wonderful steps and example on how to write a police recruitment letter. I was struggling to write a good one for a recent police recruitment post here in Botswana 🇧🇼 but you guys came in handy. Thank you once again. Good morning.

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