KYEOP Cycle Application

KYEOP Cycle Application | Cycle 8/9 Application Form

Hi there! Do you wish to apply for the KYEOP application? KYEOP Cycle 8 Application is open for everybody. Candidates who wish to make an application can now do so on the official application portal.

Here, we will guide you through the right application process. Read further to ensure you get all the right application details to enable you to apply.

Overview of the KYEOP Application Process

The Kenya Youth Employment Opportunities Project, which is popularly known as KYEOP, is a Kenyan project that began in 2016 and aimed to increase the productivity of Kenyan youth by providing them with training, internships, and business grants.

The KYEOP application process involves the following:

  • Checking for eligibility criteria
  • Checking to see if the application window is open
  • Submiting application
  • Getting assessed for your skills and interests
  • Getting shortlisted
  • Getting selected and notified
  • Getting participated

KYEOP beneficiaries

  • Kenyan youth
  • Unemployed Kenyans
  • Kenyans that have experienced a long period of unemployment
  • Kenyans who are currently working in vulnerable jobs.

KYEOP courses

  • Tailoring and dressmaking
  • Electrical Installation
  • Deejaying
  • Carpentry
  • Cake baking and decoration
  • Beauty Therapy
  • Motor Vehicle Mechanics
  • Hospitality
  • Waste Management
  • Cadastral Survey
  • ICT (Information and Communication Technology)
  • Fashion and Design
  • Hairdressing
  • Dressmaking
  • Catering
  • Masonry
  • Plumbing
  • Events Planning
  • Welding and metal fabrication
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Eligibility Criteria for the KYEOP Application Requirement

Eligibility Criteria for KYEOP (Kenya Youth Employment and Opportunities Program):

Age Range

Be within the age range of 18 to 29 years.

Educational Background

Must have completed up to Form Four or below.


Be a Kenyan citizen.

Employment Status

Must be currently unemployed or underemployed.

School Enrollment

Must not currently be enrolled in school or intend to enroll within the next 8 months.

The Right Way to Apply for the KYEOP Application Process

Access the online portal:

Go to

Click on Apply Now.

This will take you to the online recruitment portal.

Create an account:

Create your account by providing the basic personal information, including your name, ID number, phone number, and email address.

Choose a strong password and create your account.

Complete the application form:

Fill out all required fields in the online application form, ensuring you provide accurate information.

Double-check your details for accuracy before submitting.

Success Tips for the KYEOP Recruitment Process

  • Regularly check for updates on the official KYEOP website and social media.
  • Before applying, go through the requirements and ensure you meet them.
  • Make sure that all the necessary documents are ready.
  • Start the application early.
  • Carefully cross-check the information you provide to ensure it is correct.
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Important Information About the KYEOP Recruitment Process

KYEOP Latest News

To get the latest news about the KYEOP application process, visit the official website or social media. Alternatively, you can subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on the latest information regarding the KYEOP application.

KYEOP cycle application deadline for 2024/2025

The application deadline for KYEOP 2024/2025 is not yet known.

KYEOP cycle grant disbursement

The Kenya Youth Employment Opportunities Project (KYEOP) provides grants to young people in Kenya to support their businesses and employment opportunities. The KYEOP grant disbursement usually follows a specific cycle and schedule, which can vary depending on the KYEOP cycle that is involved.

KYEOP cycle 8 application/registration form portal 2024/2025

KYEOP Cycle 8 application/registration form portal for 2024/2025 is not yet open.

How to check the KYEOP application status

Go to the KYEOP portal, login with your details, and your portal will display the current status of your application.

How much is the KYEOP grant?

KYEOP grants vary depending on the chosen training or entrepreneurship path. The grant usually covers the cost of training, training materials, and other expenses during the training period. The grant starts at Ksh 40,000 and can go as high as Ksh 3 million.

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What is KYEOP?

KYEOP (Kenya Youth Employment Opportunities Project) is an initiative that is targeted at young people in Kenya who are unemployable and vulnerable. The program’s main focus is to empower young Kenyans through skills training and entrepreneurship support.

How to apply for KYEOP grants

When the application is open, visit the KYEOP application portal. Fill in the required personal information and upload the necessary documents. Carefully review your details before submitting your application.

When will the KYEOP application be opened?

According to past information, the application will open either in May or June of 2024.

How long does the KYEOP grant take?

The duration of the KYEOP grant usually takes a few months and may even extend to a year.

I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity. We at Recruitment Record are wishing you good luck! Don’t forget to follow us on social media to stay updated.

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