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TSC Pension Status Check 2024/2025 | How To Check Your Own

The Kenya Teacher Service Commission (TSC) has requested that retired teachers to review their eligibility for the pension scheme. The Kenya TSC stated that it has filed claims for teachers’ pensions to the National Treasury for payment. Retired teachers are invited to check their pension status on the TSC portal.

How to check Kenya TSC Pension Status Checker

Guide to Checking Your TSC Pension Status Ensuring a secure financial future is vital in retirement planning, especially for Kenyan Teachers Service Commission (TSC) members reliant on pensions.

To check your TSC pension status:

  • Gather essential information: TSC number, National ID/Passport, and KRA PIN.
  • Visit ‘https://www.tsc.go.ke/‘ and navigate to “Online Services.”
  • Select “Pension Status” from the dropdown menu.
  • Enter your details accurately: TSC number, National ID/Passport, and KRA PIN.
  • Click “Submit” to initiate the verification process.
  • View your pension status, detailing service years, current salary, and estimated monthly pension.
  • Print or download your pension statement for future reference.
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Ensure a seamless process by having necessary documents on hand and following these steps diligently.

Claims Submitted To Treasury Pdf Format

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In, staying updated about your TSC Pension status is important for a secure and comfortable retirement. Follow us on X (Twitter) to stay updated.

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