Work in Canada as a Cabinet Maker

Work in Canada as a Cabinet Maker with Quantum Management Services Ltd

Are you a skilled Cabinet Maker who is seeking an exciting career opportunity in Montreal East? Quantum Management Services Ltd. is looking for skilled cabinet maker to join their work force. You will earn $25 per hour working as a wood maker with Quantum Management Services Ltd.


Cabinet Maker


Montreal East


Up to $25 per hour based on experience + great benefits and on-site parking!

Why Consider This Opportunity?

With a competitive salary of $25 you can be on your way to starting an amazing career. With an immediate career placement, that Quantum Management Services Ltd. is offering. You can be sure of starting your career more quicker in Canada.


  • At least 3+ years of experience in Cabinet Making.
  • Experience with finishing products and specifications.


  • Produce samples in accordance with the standards.
  • Provide written information on processes and improvements.

How to Apply for working as Cabinet Maker:

If you are willing to start your work as a Cabinet Maker, then Quantum Management Services Ltd. invites you to submit your CV in Word format to Alessandra Di Peco at

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Apart from the competitive salary of $25 per hour, you sure of working on site with a reputable company like Quantum Management Services Ltd which can be a boost of your portfolio.

Virtual Interviews:

For interview, Quantum Management Services Ltd offer an web interview

Important Note:

Quantum Management Services Ltd. requires a CNESST permit, and the permit number is AP-2000158.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to work as Cabinet Maker with Quantum Management Services Ltd. Apply now.


How much does a Cabinetmaker make per hour?

On average, a cabinet maker in Canada make roughly about $25 per hour and $49,000 in a year. Though, this depend on the region in Canada. Because some region slightly differs from one another.

How to work in Canada as an African?

To work in Canada as an african, you can use the skilled trade immigration program. The program allows africans that are skilled tradespeople to migrate to Canada.

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What is a Cabinetmaker?

A cabinet maker is a skilled trade man that is responsible for constructing and assembling custom cabinets, furniture, and other wooden structures. These skilled men act as architects of wood, because they interpret design drawings, blueprints and specifications, to bring the conceptualized design to life.

Are Cabinet Makers in Demand?

The demand for cabinetmakers is expected to grow at least around 11 % in the coming years, as people keep migrating to Canada.

Is a Cabinetmaker a Good Job?

Cabinet making is a good job because it allows the cabinetmakers to be creative. With the rise in demand of cabinetmakers, there is job security in the profession. And lastly, the jobs offer a relatively good pay.

What are the responsibilities of a cabinetmaker?

The job responsibilities of a cabinetmaker include:

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