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Top Latest Free Visa Jobs in Canada 2023/2024 | Job Vacancy Application

Canada is projected to welcome more than 1 million immigrants by 2025 to help boost the country’s economy. To achieve this, recruiters in Canada are ready to provide free visa jobs to immigrants from third world countries who are ready to move to Canada.

Free visa jobs in the sense that these recruiters are ready to take care of the entire visa application process for you, and you will not have to pay any fees. So in this post we will expose you to what you should know about these visa free jobs in Canada and list some of these jobs and their requirements.

Free Visa Jobs in Canada

Daycare Attendant

Daycare attendants are people that are responsible for caring for young children within their care. For them to work more efficiently, they need to be people who have patience and compassion because dealing with children needs this. Daycare attendants are in demand by recruiters in Canada, some recruiters go on to provide free visas for their applicants that are ready to relocate.

The salary range of daycare attendant is usually within $17–$21 an hour

Project Manager

The planning, organisation, and carrying out of a project are the responsibilities of a typical project manager. The job of a project manager entails him meeting deadlines while collaborating with others. Project managers are frequently employed in a wide range of businesses, examples are the information technology industry(ICT), and the construction industry.

Project manager is a high paying job as a result successful project manager earn as much as $86,957 per year

Kitchen Helper/Dishwasher

Dishes, pots and pans, and any other items that need cleaning in the kitchen are the responsibility of the kitchen helper and dishwashers. Kitchen helpers and dishwashers need to learn how to multitask and work rapidly. These people are needed in restaurants, hotels, and cafeterias. And sometimes, their employers are ready to give free visas for them to relocate to Canada and work. Companies like Big White Ski Resort, Desi Beats Bar N Grill are recruiting dishwashers and kitchen helpers.

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Dishwasher earn as much as $19 per hour 

Housekeeping Room Attendant

Housekeeping room attendants are responsible for cleaning and upkeep of hotel rooms. Housekeepers need to pay attention to details to avoid getting in trouble with their recruiters. They need to be able to operate fast and effectively. Housekeeping room attendants are most often employed in lodging establishments like hotels, motels, and resorts.


Custodians are people whose job is to maintain the building and property. Custodians typically work in schools, companies and hospitals. Custodians are required to provide prompt response to fixing part of buildings that need maintenance. Institutions like Willowbrook Animal Hospital, Bluewater district are ready to provide free visas for africans, asians that are ready to relocate to Canada.

Custodians makes as much as $21.1 an hour


Driver jobs are to transport people/products from one location to another. To be able to work in Canada as a driver you will need to have a license that is valid. Taxi drivers, bus drivers, and drivers for delivery services and trucking enterprises are the most sought after drivers. There are various logistics companies that are ready to provide free visas for experienced immigrant drivers, among them are: The New Goodwill Transport Ltd, Khan Transport Inc, etc.

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Drivers in Canada earn as much as 30.6/hour depending on the type of driving service.

Grocery Clerk

Grocery Clerk are responsible for the stocking of shelves, processing payments, etc. They are needed in supermarkets, grocery stores and shops. Grocery Clerk are expected to have a solid grasp of customer service in addition to the ability to work fast and efficiently. 

On average Grocery Clerk earn $17.2 

Senior Software Engineer

Senior software engineers are people who design, develop, and test software programmes. They are required to have a solid grasp of computer science and the ability to work as a team and independently. Senior software engineers often find employment in information technology corporations, software development organisations, and technological startups. Companies such as Arcade Visas Services Private Limited provide visa for skilled senior software engineers.

Software engineers are among the most highly paid immigrant in Canada, they earn as much $78 per hour

Hair Stylist

Hair stylists are tasked with cutting, colouring, and styling hair. Hair stylists need to have a solid grasp of how to care for different kinds of hair and be able to adapt their techniques accordingly. Hair stylists mostly work in Salons, barbershops, and spas. Though, there may be few Canadian employers who are ready to sponsor skilled hair stylists with free visas. But nevertheless, hair stylist is among the jobs that an immigrant can use to move into the Canadian job market.

An average hair stylist gets paid about $19.05 every hour.

What you should know about free Visa Job in Canada

Eligibility criteria for a free visa job in Canada

To be eligible for the free visa job in Canada, you need to meet the following requirements:

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You need to have a legal job offer from a company in Canada.

You need to have the right skills and knowledge for the job.

You need to be able to speak the language of the host province.

You need to be in good health and not have a criminal past

You need to possess the right education for professional jobs

You need to have significance work experience

You need to be able to adapt into Canadian society and work culture.

The right step to applying for a job in Canada with a free visa

The following steps must be taken if you want to apply for a free visa job in Canada:

Find a real job offer from a canadian company that is offering free visa

Meet the job requirements for the particular visa program you are applying for

Create your profile and apply, filling in the necessary info and uploading the required document

Pay the application fees which is different for each visa scheme you may choose

Attend your biometric appointment and wait for the final decision.

Additional Benefits of Free Visa Jobs in Canada

There are many benefit you stand to gain if you get a free visa job in canada including:

Good pay

Better healthcare

Affordable priced education

Beautiful environment and scenery

Canada is the best place to find a free visa job and start a new life. The process might look vigorous but if you don’t give up you will eventually get it. Goodluck!!

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