Simple Ways To Get A Job In Zambia 2023 | How To Get A Job In Zambia

How to get a job in Zambia: Getting a job in Zambia is seems very different. On this page will give answer to the following search queries, almost all the unemployed youth both male and female are looking for, which are:

List of best jobs in Zambia
How to get a job in Zambia
How to get high paying job in Zambia

All the above questions will be answered on this page, with the help of job recruitment Agency known as Recruitment Record, we will give you all you need to know about job recruitment in Zambia.

On this same page, we will show and also give you list of recruitment Agencies just like Recruitment-Record that also post job vacancy in Zambia, Share some reasons why some candidates who were opportune to apply for a job still miss the job.

Recruitment Record has been recorded one of the top recruitment agency among other agencies in Zambia.  Job seekers in Zambia are advised to visit their official job portal to make selection of job that suit their discipline and also meet requirement and apply.

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Eligible Provinces

As long as you are in Zambia be it a citizen or not, he or she must fall into any of the province above. Which we are sure with the above list you are not left behind or left out.

Recruitment for Zambia Job

Be it a citizen of Zambia or not:

  •  Applicant must have means of identification
  • Birth Certificate
  • Recent passport photograph
  • Must have a guarantor if required
  • Applicant must not be below the  age of 18
  • He or she must possess Examination Council of Zambia (ECZ) or equivalent (WAEC) West African Examination Council.
  • He or she must have good communication skill, recommended English Language, other languages are of advantage to the applicant.
  • Degree certificate is required, based on the job position.

Kindly make full research of any position you are applying for, to gather more information regarding the position to know the job duties.

How to Apply for Job in Zambia

Interested applicant who reside in Zambia and don’t have anything doing, who is also willing to have something doing to get paid are advised to visit recruitment record via their official webpage via

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Make sure all information provided by you for any job matches what is in your credentials, to avoid being disqualified.

Why Was My Job Application Not Accepted?

  • Application was submitted after the closing date
  • Applicant did not meet the requirements
  • Typical errors in spellings
  • Application letter not accepted
  • Applicant address too far from the job location
  • Mistake in email address or phone number
    a. Interview date not received
    b. Phone line not reachable
    c. Attending interview after the fixed date

Above are some of the reasons why an applicant may not have the job he or she applied for, so be guided.

How To Know If Am Being Shortlisted For A Job

Applicant who applied for a particular job should always stay alert, I mean be conscious of any related news regarding the job he or she applied for.  Try visit the official recruitment page time to time to get details about the company next move.

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What Are The Requirement In Preparing For A Job Interview

Some applicant will call it job screening, while some will call it interview, but what so ever it is, this is a means of verifying information an applicant used in applying for a  particular job, it is also a means of defending the position an applicant is applying for.

Below are the basic list of things an applicant should carry during the screen/interview day.

  • Original copies of all academic document
  • Four recent passports
  • Certificates of Origin
  • Birth Certification/Declaration of age
  • National Identification Card for identification

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